Friday, January 29, 2010

I wuv woo

As I was holding my son -my 18 month old son - he looked up into my eyes and said "I wuv woo" and reached up and kissed my lips then wrapped his arms around me and hugged me.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Ponderings...

Today I am pondering Christmas....hence the title of today's post. Christmas for some is stressful full of impending debt. Not for me. I love buying things for others expecially for my children. I love to watch my children open up the gifts with so much enthusiasm. Then my heart melts when they remember to say thank you with out any reminder from me.

So far I have been very traditional in our Christmas celebration. Gifts under a decorated tree, visiting with families, making cookies...the whole Santa bit. But you see my little girl is three this year. She is understanding so much and is also remembering everything. What do I want to instill in this little girl, who do I want her to be when she is grown. I need to change things...I can feel it in my heart when I'm reading Natalie and Elijah the story of Saint Nickolas....even the Veggie tales version. Something is missing...something isn't right.

I will do some research and find out all I can about "Christamas". I will have to have Steven on my side....I will have to change.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Elijah is 16.5 months old!

Elijah is such a BIG boy! He is so cute and smart too.

He is bigger than a lot of other boy babies his age. He is so cute because his hair spikes all by itself...he has one dimple on his left cheek...and he winkles his nose when he smiles!

He is smart! He really understands most things that I say. He likes to pretend to use the potty. He tells me when he is wet or dirty....he pulls at his diaper and pulls me to his room to get changed. I can ask him if he is wet or dirty and he will shake his head yes or no.

Elijah is very interested in cars. He doesn't like the little ones that are made for babies his age, he wants the model lamborgini cars made for ten year olds. He loves to sit in the camry and pretend to drive...he will pitch a big fit when he is taken out though so I don't let him do it too often.

The latest adventure with Elijah has earned him the nicknames "Slick" and "Crisco Kid".

One evening I was cooking supper. I allow my children to play in the cabinets while I cook. I actually give them a pot with a spoon and some cheerios. They "cook" the cheerios while I cook supper. This allows them to be busy in the same room that I am in and lets them have a snack to tide them over while supper is cooking. Well, this one night, Elijah decides to go looking in the pantry. I let him because there isn't anything in there that can hurt him. Well, I turn to my cooking and then I hear those words....."Uh-oh", I turn to see that my son has taken a big bottle of vegetable oil, opened it, and poured it on the floor. So - I grab him up and get him in the bath tub....I bathe him with some dawn, I start thinking about the mess in the kitchen (it was running under my fridge) and then I think that Natalie is still loose in the house....So I get Elijah out and let him go...(yes he in naked) I go in the kitchen to clean up the mess and Elijah is right behind me.....running....then sliding....then falling back into the oil. It was hilarious.

We will never forget that night.

Hello blogg world!

It has been SIX months! Oh my word! That is a very long time and I have a lot to catch you up on! But...GUESS WHAT!!! I have a laptop! YEAH! I'm so excited because now it is so much easier to watch my kids and work on my pictures or catching up on facebook or you guessed it - updating on my blog! The reason I started blogging wasn't really for everyone else to know what was going on in our lives, but to help me remember my children growing up.
You see I'm absolutely horrible, yes horrible. My children do not have a baby book...and I didn't write down a lot of things that I should have and I didn't take the pictures that I should have.
I like to scrapbook...I have lots of scrapbooking things...thanks to my wonderful friend Tracey and my mother....but I don't have any scrapbooks completed. I have one started...and it is from back when Steven and I was dating. I had another friend, Melissa, that introduced me to digital scrapbooking....yeah I wanted to do it, but still, it didn't happen.

SO now I have a one else can get on it - I can work on it while the kids are playing or while I'm watching yet another action movie with my husband.

Here I go on another try...I hope that I can keep up this semi new adventure!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Melissa as of July 15, 2009

Me and the kids playing on the floor - 1/2/09

I'm going to get better at this!
I have decided - I hope! - That I will start using this blog as sort of a journal - I'm going to keep it open ALWAYS - so I can just type down a story really quick and then be done!

Well - Me - I think the wierdest thing is that I have read the Twilight saga THREE times! I swear I'm not hooked - I just haven't found something better to read! I have finally started the Harry Potter stories - don't laugh! I figured that I like series - so since everyone else likes it - I might as well give it a try! Any suggestions on what I can read next?

I have found myself in a new place in my life. I'm more confident about myself than what I ever have been. I know more of who I am and I'm not afraid to embrace it.

I'm still liking my photography - sometimes! I had a bad experience with a ballet recital and I really just wanted to quit all together after that - hmm - I'm still not done with it either!
But anyways - I learned a lot from the experience!

I have been haveing some trouble with my heart racing and heart palpatations - Not to mention losing weight like crazy! (I'm not trying to do this either) So I have went to a cardiologist that had me wear a monitor for 24 hours. Haven't heard back from them yet. I also went to a endocrinologist - hel thinks I have a bit of post partem hyperthyroidism. I have to see both of them again in a month. The cardiologist will do an echo to rule out some possibilties.

That's about it for me! I will update on Steven next!

Remember - I don't check my grammer! So bear with me!

Pictures that should have been uploaded a LONG time ago!

This is our Home! It's a picture showing off Steven's carpentry work on the window He Rocks!

Home Girl Natalie - Jan 15 2009

This is Huggie! He is with another family now.

This is Natalie's first black eye!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Yes Yes - another three months has flown by!

Hello - I hope that all of you are doing amazing and enjoying some really nice weather.
I have LOTS to update - but I have chosen to take my little girl outside to do some worm catching